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Project no.: YABIMO/Z/1642_170

Work in Langsten, Søvik and Brattvåg shipyards, Norway

Yabimo has delivered skilled personnel to a large and significant project in Tomrefjord, Norway. Different specialists from Yabimo team are working on this project in shipyards, Norway. We employ pipe fitters, ventilation fitters, thermal insulation fitters, painters and industrial insulation tinsmiths and provide the necessary tools for work. Last year the project developed and more employees are needed now. At first, we have employed 10 persons and at present, the number of employees has increased to over 150 persons. The works are conducted mainly on two ships where our employees are making repairs. The sandblasters are removing corrosion and painters are applying proper paints on different types of surface: broadside and deck. In addition, industrial insulation fitters are preparing and fitting cold and heat insulation.

Painters, sandblasters, pipe fitters, welders, ventilation fitters and thermal insulation fitters are working in three different shipyards (Langsten, Søvik and Brattvåg). The latter are fitting insulation on the ship’s walls and ceiling with the use of Armaflex, paroc, plenum, steel capsuling.

Pipe fitters are working at the prefabrication of black steel.

Ventilation fitters are working with the use of HVAC system. They also deal with prefabrication and fitting spiro, rectangular ducts, heavy ducts, lamel mate insulation.

A few industrial insulation tinsmiths are also working. They are preparing sheet metal elements for prefabrication, which are later used by a few thermal insulation fitters.