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Project no.: YABIMO/Z/1791

Sultartangi Bridge in Iceland

In 2019 Yabimo has actively taken part in designing, production, delivery and installation of Sultartangi Bridge in Iceland. Road 32, 130 km from Reykjavik going east. The local leading construction company has placed an order to Yabimo for a support in demanding on one hand, and an exciting job on the other hand. The designing and production stage took place during spring and summer. The main part of the job has been carried out during late fall, what made installation extremely difficult in that part of country. The erection of the bridge was divided into 2 stages. Due to transportation difficulties the main structure was delivered in 3 parts, which were welded on-site. Then, 6 transversal beams were mounted. The completed form of the bridge awaited the second stage – putting it in a final position. A month later, in the last week of October the structure was finally placed in position. Almost 38 tonnes, 32 meters long bridge was completed successfully just 1 day before winter began.