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Project no.: 2438

Akureyri Airport

Another remarkable project is well underway at Akureyri Airport, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share the details. Our journey began with Phase I in May 2022, and we anticipate completion by March 2023. The installation phase kicks off in mid-May 2023, with an expected finish by the end of October 2023.

Expanding Horizons - A 1,100m² Terminal

This venture centers around the expansion of the new airport terminal in Akureyri, adding a substantial 1,100 square meters of functional space. This development is set to transform the travel experience for the community and beyond.

Our Contributions to the Project:

  • Complete Design Documentation: We commissioned the preparation of a comprehensive design for the construction, ensuring the vision became a reality.
  • 86 Tons of Steel Structures: We delivered a staggering 86 tons of steel structure elements, the backbone of this grand expansion.
  • 1,200m² of Trapezoidal Sheets: The trapezoidal sheets we provided covered approximately 1,200m², giving the terminal a sturdy and sleek exterior.
  • 950m² of Wall and Roof Sandwich Panels: Our contribution to this project also included supplying 950m² of wall and roof sandwich panels, ensuring the structure is both robust and insulated.
  • Steel Stairs and Balustrades: We added those final touches with the installation of steel stairs and balustrades, ensuring safety and accessibility.

We're immensely proud of our team's dedication and hard work, and we anticipate the positive impact this expansion will have on the thriving community of Akureyri.