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Thursday, 8 February 2024

Our next project is moving! - ORKUVEITA REYKJAVIKUR

Our next project is moving! 
We're currently working on the remodeling of an office and service building - we're doing a steel structure installation there in an office building in Reykjavik.  The whole structure looks extremely impressive.

Interesting facts of the project straight from our engineers:
  • Steel elements totaling about 86.4t.
  • The weight of the largest single element is as much as 5t and length over 17m.

There we are engaged in creating a steel structure for landings and stairs connecting the various floors in the building. There are 6 floors, and our task is to make 5 levels. Our solution is non-trivial: We are using overhead cranes on opposing walls to assemble the support beams, since it is impossible to use a typical crane. Today, a small crane with a width of 1.5m and an overhang of 16m arrived at the site, and we will use it for further assembly of the low-tonnage structure and for demolition of the stairs. The existing spiral staircase goes for demolition along with the steel column.

We're incredibly proud of the progress we've made so far and excited to see this transformation take shape.