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Wednesday, 12 July 2023

Celebrating Our Colleague's Master's Thesis on Yabimo

Celebrating Our Colleague's Master's Thesis on Yabimo: "Black Swans And The Project Management Process – A Case Study Of The Yabimo Company"

In June, our exceptional employee, Karolina has successfully defended her master's thesis, focusing on a captivating topic that directly relates to our company's project management practices. 

“This Master’s thesis examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as a black swan event on project management processes within Yabimo Company. The study analyzes the company’s response to the pandemic, including changes and adaptations made to project management. It highlights the challenges faced, strategies implemented, and resulting consequences.” 

We are grateful for Karolina's dedication to integrating academic knowledge with practical experience, further enriching our understanding of effective management strategies.

Congratulations and we wish you continued success!