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Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Erasmusm Program - Students from Hungary once again at Yabimo company

Yabimo Company, as part of the Erasmus program, once again welcomed a group of students from Hungary, who had the opportunity to learn about the realities of working in an international company. Dorka, Luca and Roland attend Deák Ferenc Közgazdasági Technikum for the economics profile. Their internship lasted three weeks, during which time, the students worked in positions in line with their interests.

The implementation of the Erasmus project showed students that, with their education, they have a real chance of finding employment in foreign companies as well. Participation in the project certainly stimulated their curiosity about the world, gave them a new perspective on the European labor market, and opened them up to other cultures.

Yabimo Company is very pleased to have the opportunity to host students from Hungary and show them what it is like to work in an international environment, in a company that has a strong position in the Scandinavian market. All the students showed great motivation and commitment to their tasks, as well as a desire to learn about Polish Norwegian culture.

We asked them, what they think of our company:


Erasmus offered us a one in a lifetime opportunity, and we didn't hesitate to accept it, and to be honest, it was an excellent decision. At Yabimo, we had the chance to gain work experience in our field of study. The company welcomed us with open arms, we met many helpful employees, who assisted us every time we had any questions or problems.

This experience made me want to continue my studies in the branches of economics, and I wish I had more time to get more into the social and everyday life of the company.


I was always curious about how Erasmus works, what’s it like staying in a different country for weeks/months/ years, working for a company, getting to know different cultures. When I got this opportunity, I didn’t hesitate to accept it, and it was an amazing decision.

At Yabimo we had the opportunity to work in our field of study – economics. Everyone we worked with was nice and helpful. They assisted us whenever we needed some help. Working for Yabimo was a great experience and I learned a lot about how a company works.

I really enjoyed my stay here, and I wish to join more Erasmus programs in the future to get more knowledge and life experience.


I enjoyed the work and the time I spent at Yabimo. I got to know three different types of work, and I was able to use my knowledge as well. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful, the company’s future plans are impressive and the selective waste collection also attractive. I was very happy there.  Erasmus offered us a one in a lifetime experience and when I accepted it, I never thought I’d have such an experience and emotion. I hope that I will have more opportunities to travel with the program.

The Erasmus program is a great initiative that allows students from all over Europe to gain professional and cultural experience, as well as develop their language skills. Yabimo is proud to have been able to contribute to such cross-cultural exchanges and looks forward to future Erasmus projects.