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Thursday, 8 September 2022

YABIMO in the advanced upgrade of the Danish offshore

YABIMO has been fully committed to the redevelopment of the strategic Danish offshore sector supporting European transition to low-Carbon energy future.

We work on three incredible platforms in the following Danish fields:
1. Tyra, a major part of the North Sea’s energy infrastructure for nearly 40 years, produces more than 90% of the Danish natural gas.
2. Halfdan – oil and gas field located in shallow water in Denmark,
3. Gorm – a natural gas and oil field of the North Sea.

There our painters and scaffolders do their best. Our teams present specialized certificates attesting to highly professional qualifications. YABIMO guarantees necessary offshore courses: BOSEIT, CA-EBS, H2S. As a result, we are our top qualified for those assignments.

Power of quality