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Monday, 5 September 2022

YABIMO as the only one subcontractor at Haugesund shipyard

We possess the best client’s portfolio on Norwegian continental shelf and have hallmark of excellence. Simply put – we know all the angles about what we enter on. Let us give you one example to illustrate our professionalism – Johan Sverdrup. On previous occasions we described this project at all, but today we would like to give you some more details about Haugesund shipyard where we were the only subcontractor.

This enterprise was far beyond our expectations – more than 600 professionals and one project, a technology giant – Johan Sverdrup P2. We got in on the action with our irreplaceable team of insulation workers, painters, PFP, scaffolding fitters, QC and foremans last year and was involved in it to the following year.

Thanks to our team project implementation was precisely on schedule. Today we say thank you and look forward to more such magnificent projects. You all have that power! 

Look at this extremely wonderful video shared by Equinor – one of the best players on Norwegian continental shelf - showing Johan Sverdrup P2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogy1cQ05GKg.


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