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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Baseball Stadium, Tampere, Finland and YABIMO

Steel constructions are the essence and core of our business. We execute various projects in the industrial and infrastructure industry. In each of them we make strong commitment based on our great experience in the field. One of such an assignment is the baseball stadium in Finland. We are incredibly proud we have completed this successful project and we are announcing it to you.

Read about our grand work, the steel structure of the Baseball Stadium in Tampere, Finland:
It was manufactured and delivered to the building site which accommodates 2500 seats per auditorium.
  • The production of the steel structures started in April and ended in mid-May 2022.
  • The total weight of the steel is 540 tons.
  • The main steel structures included:

21pcs trusses with dimensions of 20,0 x 4,0m;
21pcs main columns of 19,0m high;
21pcs stand beams of 19,0m long;
14pcs rear columns of 15,0m high.

Extremely grateful and focused on the future,
Yabimo Team