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Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Erasmus - international students exchange at Yabimo

We are part of the international program, Erasmus. Meet Reka, Petra and Virag who have come to us from Hungary, Deak Ferenc Technical School of Economics.

At YABIMO our interns have a chance to build their knowledge and experience in energy and constructions industries. They have learned about our professional operations in Scandinavia. 

Reka says YABIMO offers superb internships:
“We are all so thankful for every one of you at Yabimo, because you are the absolute best company of all”.

We asked Petra about the differences between Polish and Hungarian cultures: “Definitely people’s behaviour and their attitude. In Poland people are more accepting of others and more open-minded.”

Virag was asked about her future plans:
“My dream is to be able to start my own company in the future and then develop it. But above all, my further education is important in the branch of economics”, which we wish her.

“In Poland we have made plenty of memories so far. Every little detail of Krakow is amazing, all the sights, all the people, who live here. It was absolutely the best opportunity that we could be offered” – summarized Reka. She also said that we had the best internships program ever which enabled her to practice her skills and ultimately decide what she would like to do in the future.

Thank you for being with us,