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Friday, 26 November 2021

10 Year Anniversary

The future is up to us. Could you remember the day that changed your future? Think about it. What was it like? Maybe it turned your perspective on how something should be worked?

Imagine the year 2011, when 3 enthusiastic friends experienced in engineering and finance on international scale joined forces and changed their future. They realised that synergy between them could turn them into winners. This memory evokes our 10 anniversary of serving you.

Today – 10 years after, YABIMO is a family. We achieved many goals, only the best, i.e.:
➡ We are power of quality – today we employ over 1100 professionals,
➡ We have fantastic multi-language team,
➡ We have 60% women in management,
➡ We work for the best,
➡ We have managed over 912 spectacular projects,
➡ We have cooperated with 179 clients,
➡ We like people, help them grow and feel like home,
➡ We give back to society by e.g. supporting children in need,
➡ We are the main sponsor of Cracovia 1906 basketball team,
and much more…

There is no secret to success. It is result of preparation, hard work and lesson learned.
We are Yabimo, high potential people. We are synergy of enthusiasm and professionalism.

Thanks for being you with us,

Yabimo team