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Project no.: YABIMO/Z/1223

Building of the new Munch museum, Norway

The city of Oslo, with Municipal Undertaking for Culture and Sports Facilities in charge are building a new Munch museum in the heart of Oslo. Yabimo won a contract in this prestigious public project and participates in building of the new Munch museum one of the the most famous museum facility in the capital of Norway. Edvard Munch was one of Modernism's most significant artists. Today, the museum gathers more than half of all works of the artist. There are over a thousand paintings, about 4.5 thousand drawings, 18 thousand graphics (in which Munch especially specialized), as well as numerous woodcuts, etchings, lithographs, drippings, lithographic stones and finally woodcut blocks.

Our challenge in the project was, among others, a tight schedule and advanced assembly in the new museum building. The total weight of the construction was more than 140 tons of the S355 steel.

The scope of works was as follows: drawings preparation, fabrication of steel construction, delivery and advanced installation works. The works required flexibility and cooperation with other companies because of their works in parallel to ours. To speed up the works, an additional night shift was launched. The project implementation time was 9 months thanks to the great involvement of the entire crew. Because of YABIMO’s good quality of the assembly personnel, the client decided to prolong the cooperation with us.