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Project no.: YABIMO/Z/138

YABIMO/2013/Z/138, Norway

Steel hall trusses 22 metres wide each. Due to size, in order to avoid excessive delivery costs and oversized transport, trusses were divided in two parts and then welded on site.

The purpose of the project was to make seven pieces of steel trusses with a span of 22m each. Due to the huge size it was necessary to perform trusses in two parts for subsequent welding on site. Mass of 4450kg truss structure and the total weight was more than 31000kg. The elements are made of S355 steel. The beams were painted light gray with epoxy paint kit polyurethane. Elements of the girders are made of sections: HE240B - lattice strips, and HUP100x100x8mm - posts and diagonals. Trusses are based on the pillars of the HUP 150x8 profile. The upper ends of the belt truss stiffening ribs are made of sheet thickness of 15mm.