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Project no.: YABIMO/Z/1763

Production, supply and installation of furniture in a brand hotel, Reykjavik, Iceland

At the beginning of 2019 Yabimo has been entitled to supply one of the most recognizable chained-brand hotels with furniture.

Yabimo has manufactured, supplied and installed interiors to rooms, a reception, a lounge area, a bar and a restaurant for one of the Hotels at the centre of Reykjavik.

The majority of the finish was natural timber combined with blackened steel to cabinets, wardrobes, plant shelves, tables, handrails, etc.

The structure of the suspended bar made of blackened steel with reeded glass was completed with charred timber countertop and stainless steel equipped at service side.

Furniture in the lounge and restaurant area finished with natural oak veneer. There were also led lights supplied and retro style high quality speakers.

All works from the scratch were carried out between March and August 2019.