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Friday, 15 June 2018

The goal is to foster positive growth – Beskid Extreme Triathlon Diablak 2018

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable.

KAROL BARZYK - the hardworking and persistent IRONMAN from YABIMO technical team

This weekend for the second time Karol is facing the most extreme triathlon competition Beskid Extreme Triathlon Diablak 2018, taking place in Silesian and Zywiec Beskids http://plxtri.com/lang/en.

- We start at 4:00 am from swimming at a distance of 3.8 km in Zywieckie Lake. Cycling covers a distance of 180 km - the route consists of two loops of 90 km: a climbing to Kubalonka and Salmopol, a total altitude of 3200 m. On the running route we start from a height of 345 m above sea level. This stage of the triathlon is 44 km of a mountain run to the top of Babia Góra, called Diablak, to a height of 1725 m above sea level. Together, all this goes to a distance of 228 km, and almost 6,000 m up – says Karol

Karol’s triathlon journey:

In 2012 the fascinating triathlon era in his life began. Since then, during his 1710 workout sessions, our ironman has managed to travel a total distance of 29 033 km, in total time over 72 days. These include swimming - 402 km, cycling - 21,978 km and running - 6172 km. Among others Karol has completed the triathlon competitions such as: a few - at short distances, six - at a half-distance (112.82 km) and two at a distance (225.63 km).

KAROL, relax on the swim, be patient on the bike and rock the run! Fingers crossed for you.