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Thursday, 11 May 2017

The results of the Yabimo Photo Contest

We are pleased to announce the results of the Yabimo Photo Contest „Work at Yabimo”.

Competition is over, the votes are in, and we have the winners!

The competition commission has awarded following participants:

I Place: Adrian Pyrkosz
II Place, ex aequo: Dariusz Szewc, Marius Kvitnickis
III Place: Krzysztof Bernady

Congratulations to the winners!*

As we received bunch of fantastic submissions, it was not easy to pick the winners.

Therefore, we decided to grant special distinctions! Special awards go to:

Judyta Ciemcioch, Michał Bagiński, Mindaugas Bružas, Bartłomiej Chamera and Mariusz Dusza.*

Listed persons will receive portable hard drive ADATA DashDrive HV620 1TB.

We want to give a hearty thank-you to all paricitpants in the competition for great work and dedication.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with for our next contests in the future!

Link to the photo contest:

*We will personally contact all the winners in order to award prizes.

Contest winners:

I Place: Adrian Pyrkosz, for an "artistic eye", creativity and quality of submitted pictures.

Picture: Adrian Pyrkosz, "Crane lifting steel construction"

Picture: Adrian Pyrkosz at work

Picture: Adrian Pyrkosz, "Crane in the morning"

Picture: Adrian Pyrkosz, "Morning start"

Picture: Adrian Pyrkosz, "Construction built on night shift"

Picture: Adrian Pyrkosz, "Steel"

Picture: Adrian Pyrkosz, "Steel reinforcement"

II Place: Dariusz Szewc, for showing the hardships of work.

Picture: Dariusz Szewc, Nyhamna Expansion Project

Picture: Dariusz Szewc, Nyhamna Expansion Project

Picture: Dariusz Szewc, Nyhamna Expansion Project

Picture: Dariusz Szewc, Nyhamna Expansion Project

Picture: Dariusz Szewc, Nyhamna Expansion Project

II Place: Marius Kvitnickus - for showing skills and effects of hard work.

Picture: Marius Kvitnickus, "Box".

Picture: Marius Kvitnickus, "Fire box"

III Place: Krzysztof Bernady for introducing skills of Yabimo workers.

Picture: Krzysztof Bernady, "Performance of the fire box on the shipyard in the South Korea"

Special distinctions: 

Judyta Ciemcioch, for sense of humor, dedication and creativity.

Picture: Judyta Ciemcioch, "Office work in the Finance Department at Yabimo".

Special distinction: Michał Bagiński, for showing positive energy at the work place.

Picture: Michał Bagiński, "Industrial painters at Nyhamna Project".

Special distinction: Bartłomiej Chamera, for showing beautiful Icelandic landscape and effects of the hard work.

Picture: Bartłomiej Chamera, "Pipeline in the North Iceland"

Special distinction: Mariusz Dusza, for capturing dreamy landscape in Norway.

Picture: Mariusz Dusza, "Dreamy landscape", Nyhamna Expansion Project

Special distinction: Mindaugas Bružas, for showing precision and dedication at work.

Picture: Mindaugas Bružas, "Prefabrication works at Nyhamna Expansion Project"