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Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Yabimo is synergy of passion | Karolina Majewska

We are YABIMO, we are family of passionate professionals. We all compose the whole, but each of us is different and special. We like our job and we do consider our time off to load our batteries to pursue our hobbies or spend time with our loved ones. Balancing our professional and personal life can be challenging, but it is essential. In this news and other ones in the future we are going to present YABIMO pearls.

Karolina Majewska, a project coordinator at Yabimo, is a brilliant example of how, thanks to engagement and hard work, she reaches the top.

Karolina is Polish Amateur Vice-Champion 2020 in road cycling and Polish Vice-Champion 2021 of Cyklosport licence in MTB marathon and also in the Mountain Road Championships of Poland. This full of passion petard is one of us.

The story comes when Karolina was a child. "I was inspired to get started in this sports by my mum who has always promoted and practiced various activities. Even today we both continue to work out together with great joy and take part in many championships." - Karolina begins her story. 

Suddenly there was an evolution and the first cycling competition. "The competing adventure started in 2014 when I enrolled to a local XC (Cross-Country) championship. It was my first time. Since then I have been competing regularly in events of various ranks - from the amateur level to Polish Championships of Cyklosport licence." - continues Karolina.

Karolina, we are more than proud of you. Wishing you reaching the top. Sky is the limit. 

We are synergy of passion,

Yabimo team